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Mar 6, 2018


Are you having a great day? This is a podcast to start your day off right. We’re all about creativity and positivity and music and stories at "Good Morning, Good Morning."

Every week, host Joshua Dupont shares some thoughts about making the world a better place. With tips, calls-to-action, and all manner of things practical, cultural, and spiritual, the goal is to inspire you to better yourself and the world every day. A musician and writer himself, Josh will also share some recent creative work - be it a song, story, or poem - to get your day started off right.

Make some time today to create something. Draw, write, sing, paint, carve... stretch your creative muscles! It doesn't have to be anything more than a quick doodle. Just do something! Make this world a more beautiful place and spread some love around.

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Twitter: @PianoJoshDupont